Super Mailing List

Nearly the end of the month I gotta get this written quick!

Last spring… or maybe this spring of this year depending on how you look at it… the most recent spring that previously happened, I programmed Mailing List software. Maybe that doesn’t sound particularly interesting to you, but these are monthly posts! A few years ago I could give you a box of entertainment concentrated semi-yearly, but I’ve got to spread it out a bit with these monthly ones. Anyway I’ll be referring to Super Mailing List as SML for the rest of this blog post unless my word count is too low (in which cast I’ll replace it with the full name, but I don’t even know how to do a word count so that seems unlikely to happen).

Either way, the main purpose of SML (which stands for Super Mailing List… I just told you last paragraph how could you have forgotten already?!) is that it will allow you to have your very own mailing list. When it’s running on your computer people will be able to subscribe to your mailing list by sending a message with the subject SUBSCRIBE to SML’s email address and SML will add them to the subscribers file. Then, if a moderator sends a message to SML’s email address the programme will rebroadcast it to all the subscribers.

You can download SML here:

It’s being updated frequently so if you have any suggestions they might get added!

Do I have a sign off? I don’t think so…

Pumpkins and penguins, bye!

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