Fwd: Christmas Care Package

On Saturday Daddy picked up a Care Package from Nana, Papa, Aunt Vicki and Katie for us.  It was very exciting to receive and we’re so excited to see what’s in the parcels.

We can hardly wait until we can see them again and have our own little Christmas!


Yesterday at the library I demonstrated my latest programme on the projector at the library and then described how I coded it.  Question and answer followed where I was able to explain how and why I did the manipulations I did.

Christmas Lights

On Saturday night Daddy had to get more medical tests at the hospital.  Mama and I went with him so that we could drive around and look at Christmas lights while he was getting poked and prodded.

The best lights were on the way home though!  Check out these…


A few days ago at my friend’s house, his Mom gave us some paints and canvas.  She thought that we both had very different art styles.  I was trying for something a bit “pixelated”.

I hope you like it!

Tech Club

Yesterday there were two more new introductions to our coding club.  It was exciting to spend time tweaking the computers.

I spent most of my Minecraft time perfecting an igloo with my friend S!