Wipe Out!

Daddy and I decided to try to make a tobogganing trail down into our ravine.  There was a really choice path that with a bit of work, became and amazing slalom!

After seeing how much speed I could get, Daddy has insisted I start wearing a helmet – so I got a very patriotic one!

Hopefully with more snow we can build up the banks even higher to keep me on the curvy and narrow path.

A Nice Hike

Yesterday Daddy and I went with some of my other friends on a walk in a nearby tree plantation.

We had lots of adventures playing in the trees, then crossed over on top of a dam with lots of rushing water.
This place is VERY popular with doggies!  We saw SO MANY different and beautiful dogs!  They were all very friendly.
We couldn’t help but stop to pet these two friends – a black lab and a pug that were enjoying the day together.  The puggie was still pretty young and would only sniff our hands, but luckily there were loads of other doggies that wanted scritches and scratches!
By the end of it all, some of us were too pooped to go on, but luckily I had energy for all three of us!

Grumpy Frog

Today while Daddy was paneling the bedroom ceiling, I was very bored.  He suggested I try to find something interesting to photograph.  I liked this idea.  I went down to the pond and found that a very grumpy frog has moved in there.  He didn’t like getting his picture taken, but, well, too bad for him.