The Case of the Bumpy Road – A Hardy Boys Mystery by K!

(this is an unedited manuscript – dictated entirely by K! I am

posting this on his behalf without yet reading it but I anticipate a

good mystery).

"That's great! We have another mystery coming our way." The Hardy boys

walked over to Bob's house to find out what kind of mystery they

should find out. When they got there Bob told them that his son had

disappeared around a big city and that they should find him right away

because he could be in any problem because that city is so big. They

drove over to the city. When they were parked in a nearby parking lot,

Joe asked, "Where would we be most lucky to find Bob's son?" Frank

said, "Probably at the nearest place he can camp at. Besides it's

starting to rain now. We better get back home before we get too wet."

Once they got home, they discussed over what has happened to Bob's

son. Frank said, "Maybe he's hiding out somewhere around here." Joe

said, "Hmmm, he probably has been getting soaked by all this rain,

even if he has a tent." Frank said, "Well, tents do keep you out of

the rain you know." After the rain was over, the Hardy boys set off to

find Bob's son. So they set off to find Bob's son.

As they were driving to the city, Joe spotted some whacked down trees.

Joe said to Frank, "I see some whacked down trees." When Frank looked

over, he saw them too. He stopped driving and got out of the car. The

Hardy boys followed the path of whacked down trees and they popped out

at a nearby bumpy road. They followed it for a long time and then Joe

said, "It's getting late now. We better go home." They went back to

their car and drove home. The next day was Sunday. Joe got out of bed

and then Frank got out of bed. They got dressed, brushed their teeth,

had a quick breakfast and drove to the bumpy road. They drove on it

for a few minutes.

Then Joe said, "Let's walk now. They started walking for a mile and

then spotted Bob's son laying in the middle of the road. They carried

him back to their car and carefully put him in and drove home. Then it

started to rain and Joe said, "Why do they call it Sunday if it seems

to be rain day?" Frank said, "They cannot predict the weather patterns

if it's just a pattern. The weather forecast predicts what it's going

to be like, not the names of the days." Then they went to bed. The

next morning they examined the body and found out that it was stunned.

When it was afternoon, the body started to move. After a little while,

they knew that it was Bob's son. Bob's son stood up and they asked

Bob's son what had happened. Bob's son didn't know what had happened

to him. All that Bob's son knew was that one minute he was walking

down the bumpy road and the next minute he was laying down on their

couch. Then the Hardy boys had another big part of the mystery to

solve still. The Hardy boys drove back to the bumpy road and looked

around for something that could make Bob's son so hurt.

They kept walking for a very long while and then Joe said, "This is

too long of a road to follow in just a day." Frank said, "Tomorrow we

can drive on the whole road." The next day they drove on the whole

road but then just as they were getting to the end of it, their tire

deflated. They examined the ground around it and found a pointy root.

Joe said, "How could Bob's son get this far? And maybe if he got this

far he tripped on this root."

Then they pumped up their tire and drove to Bob's house, and they

asked Bob if his son had a car. Bob said that his son did have a car

and then Frank had an idea. If Bob's son had a car, then Bob's son

could have driven that far. Then the next day they drove to where

their tire got deflated, drove around the root, and drove to the end

of the road. There they found another man laying injured and his car

not far behind him. They took a picture of his car and then carried

the body back to their house. There they examined it. They found car

keys in the man's pocket. They went to Bob's house and asked if those

car keys were Bob's son's. Bob said he didn't recognize those keys and

he doubts that they are his son's. Then the Hardy boys went to the

garage where Bob's son's car is, and found it parked neatly in the

garage. Then they knew that Bob's son hadn't used his car.

Then it was getting very late. They walked home and went to bed. The

next morning they examined the body and asked Bob's son if he

recognized that body. Bob's son said yes and they wondered what

connection the body and Bob's son are in. Then the body started to

wake up and the Hardy boys asked what had happened. The stranger said,

"I can't remember. All that I remember is that one minute I was

walking on a bumpy road and the next I was here." Bob's son said the

same thing and the Hardy boys wondered if the same thing had happened

to them. Joe said, "Maybe Bob's son was riding in whoever this is car

and then they came out of the car, hiked together, and then tripped on

that root we saw and a vehicle knocked them out." Frank said, "That's

a very good explanation." And as you would expect, it was the right


The end.