Blog and a Videogame.

Recently I have been working on my blog and making it look a bit better. I want to write more posts by myself and more often.

About a month ago I finished programming one of my longest videogames yet and Daddy posted it to a site called for me. The game is called Factory 512 and I made it with Python 2. It’s the first platformer that I made with all my own code.

The hardest part was making gravity work properly and the player stop when they collide with solid objects. I made my own physics for the game because I wanted more control over it. I know that when the player jumps, they go up exactly 7 pixels on the first frame and the distance they go up decreases every frame after that (even into negatives) until they hit the ground (or they get to terminal velocity which is -14 pixels per frame). Not only does the programme check collisions every frame but it also checks in between frames to prevent a fast moving object from flying right through a wall or something (although sometimes it doesn’t bother if the player is in between tiles and has no chance of hitting anything).

At first the wires between the levers and gates were very thin but after people tested the game I realized that they needed to be thicker. Unfortunately I couldn’t make them light up when powered. Maybe next time I do something similar I’ll have interactive wires.

The game is about a robot escaping from a factory – for freedom and happiness! But it is very challenging.

Click here to go to to download the game.

Next time I may or may not be talking about what I am programming now.

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